Conquer Business Overwhelm in 2024

Embrace Simplified Strategies to Grow Your Business Fast, And Save Your Sanity!


For Overloaded Online Entrepreneurs Who Want to Get Off The Business Crazy Train And Focus Exclusively On Strategies That Prime Your Business For Scalable Growth

January 29 - February 2nd

A Simplified Business Is A Scalable Business

How glorious would it be...

To wake up each day knowing that you have your business under control?

To have free time in your day to do what you want…whether that’s an impromptu lunch with an old friend or a quick power nap before the kids get home?

To know that your business is running smooth and growing fast, like the drive-thru line at Starbucks on a Monday morning at 7am?

…without feeling like your business responsibilities are as neurotic and pointless as Malibu Ken?

Well, you can.

Let's be honest about what Online Entrepreneurship is really like.

When you started your business, you didn't know it would become more complicated than a completing 1,000 piece monotone jigsaw puzzle, did you?

Launches, social media, content creation, websites, emails, taxes, - there's always something to do.

How do you get it all done and still grow?

Start by claiming your spot in the FREE Simplified Business Summit!

Clearing The 'Best Practices' Clutter...


The common belief in online entrepreneurship is that success comes from doing more: more strategies, more platforms, more content. It's a world where being everywhere and doing everything is seen as the only way to thrive. But this 'do-it-all' approach leads to burnout, overwhelm, and inefficiency, resulting in diluted efforts and a lack of strategic focus.


If you're feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending 'to-do' list in your business, frustrated with trying hard yet not seeing the growth you desire, and exhausted from chasing every new strategy or trend, it's not your fault. The online business world can be a labyrinth, and the common advice often leads us down a path of more work, more stress, and less clarity.

Lessons From The Trenches of Entrepreneurship

Hi, I’m Danielle,

a seasoned Entrepreneur who knows what it’s like to juggle business and life…

When I started my first online business, my life was a balancing act between nurturing a growing business and caring for a young family, with my youngest in diapers and my oldest in preschool.

Most of my time was spent doing things that didn't grow my business and increase sales.

After years of trying to follow all the Mentors and Coaches who promised to grow and scale my business, I had an abrupt realization:

Most of my time was spent doing things that didn't grow my business and increase sales.

Hosting the Simplified Business Summit is more than a professional endeavor for me; it's a reflection of my journey and an efficient way to share the strategies that brought me success without the normalized overwhelm.


Each interview gives you one actionable insight to make your business growth easier.

As in, you can savor that second cup of coffee in the morning and greet the kids like June Cleaver in the afternoon, while enjoying the steady sound of 'cha-ching' from your phone as the sales come through.


Introducing The Simplified Business Summit

Welcome to the Simplified Business Summit – a transformative audio masterclass series where simplicity meets achievement. This summit is designed for online entrepreneurs who crave balanced success in all areas of life — perfect for Course Creators, Online Service Providers, Coaching Professionals, and Digital Marketers.

Let's dive in...

What You Can Expect From The Simplified Business Summit

A Peek Inside The Simplified Business Summit

  • Simplify To Succeed - focus on effort that really move the needle in your business.

  • Sustain Long-Term Growth - Learn insider tips for sustainable growth to ensure your business thrives long-term, without the burnout.

  • Strategies That Scale - Dive into business strategies designed to scale your business efficiently so you can meet your growth goals year after year.


  • Expert-Led Audio Sessions: Seasoned online entrepreneurs share their insights on business simplification and growth.

  • Exclusive Interviews and Insights: Deep dives into success stories and strategies.

  • Practical, Downloadable Resources: Tools to apply the summit's insights directly to your business.

  • Lifetime Access with VIP Upgrade: Revisit the sessions at your convenience for continued learning.

Insights From Experienced Entrepreneurs

Introducing the seasoned experts sharing their battle-tested tips, insights, and best advice at the Simplified Business Summit:

Jessica Scotten | Pineapple Relations

Simplify Your Online Tools And Tech

• Natalie Sulimani | Sulimani Law Firm

Legal Foundations: Choosing the Right Business Entity for Success

• Caroline Lynda | Caroline Lynda Coach

Make Better And Faster Business Decisions With Human Design

• Krystal & Wendy | Serendipitous Rebel

Expand Your Reach Easily With Podcasting

• Jen Wright | Wellspired Co.

Using Vision Mapping To Go From Business Chaos to Focused Clarity

• Becca Ellison | Rebecca Ellison Creative

Build Your Brand With Easy SEO

• Tracey Stoeckel | Tracey Teaches Biz

Simple Success With Irresistible Offers

• Stacey Robinson | Stacey Robinson
Easy Client Journeys That Create Loyal Fans

• Nikki Miller | Your Voyage Vocation

Simplifying Your Money Management The Profit First Way

• Danielle Napolio Cox | Success Coach Maximize Your Time ROI With Strategic Focus and Impactful Actions

In the business world,

less is more..


Research consistently shows that focused strategies lead to higher productivity and business growth. In a compelling Forbes article, Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez notes, “the most successful executives have a laser-like focus on a small number of priorities. At the extreme, this might mean simply having a single priority. The more focus, the better.”


While financial success is a key motivator, what online entrepreneurs truly crave goes beyond mere monetary gains. It's about achieving a state of being where business success harmoniously coexists with personal fulfillment, including health and well-being, quality time, freedom and flexibility, energy and vitality, and clarity and focus.


In a world where online entrepreneurs are inundated with the 'more is better' philosophy, we've recognized a crucial need for focus and efficiency. Unlike conventional wisdom that insists on a do-it-all-and-see-what-sticks approach, this solution is rooted in the power of selective excellence. It's about honing in on what truly moves the needle in your business and doing it exceptionally well.

The Simplified Business Summit provides you with the opportunity to reevaluate to focus on your efforts and streamline your business commitments.

It’s our Simplify to Amplify philosophy.

Simplified Success Is Your Path to A Brighter Business Future

Is it time to embrace a new way of doing business?

Join us at the Simplified Business Summit and take the first step towards building a business and life that you love.

Act Now!

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What You Get When You Register For The Simplified Business Summit

Expert-Led Audio Sessions on Key Business Topics

Exclusive Interviews & Deep Dives into Success Stories

Downloadable Resources for Implementation

Lifetime Access to Recordings with VIP Upgrade

A Complete Package for Business Transformation

Regular Price:  Free to Attend

(Optional VIP Upgrade Available)

Are You Ready To Change The Way You Do Business?

Time is of the essence, and here's why:

Every day in the life of an entrepreneur is a day filled with potential –potential for growth, for efficiency, for balance. The Simplified Business Summit is not just an event; it's a turning point. It represents a shift from the overwhelming 'do-it-all' approach to a more focused, effective, and satisfying way of running your online business.

Here's the truth:

The strategies and insights you'll gain at the Simplified Business Summit are more than just business tactics; they are life-changing principles. They're about understanding the core of what makes your business tick and aligning it with your personal goals and values. This summit is about breaking the cycle of constant hustle and embracing a method that allows you to grow your business while also enjoying your life.

I hope you're as excited as I am about this transformative opportunity. Imagine a business where every effort counts, where your time is spent on actions that directly contribute to your success. Imagine having the clarity and confidence to make decisions that align with your vision, and the freedom to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Are you ready to step into a world where business success and personal fulfillment coexist? Where the pressure of being everywhere and doing everything is replaced by the effectiveness of being in the right place, doing the right thing?

The Art of Simplified Business…Made Easy

Ready to focus on what truly matters in your business?

Register For The Simplified Business Summit Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

 How much time is required to participate in the summit?

The summit is designed to be flexible and accessible. You can listen to the audio sessions at your own pace, and each session varies in length, allowing for a time-friendly experience.

I don’t use certain popular tools or platforms. Will this summit still work for me?

Absolutely. The summit focuses on fundamental strategies and insights that are applicable regardless of the specific tools or platforms you use.

I already did a similar program. Will this summit still be beneficial?

Yes. The Simplified Business Summit offers unique perspectives and strategies that complement and enhance what you may have learned in other programs.

What if I have limited experience in online business? Does this summit still work?

Definitely. The summit is designed to be valuable for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, providing insights that are applicable at various stages of your business journey.

I already listened to a similar summit. How is this summit different?

This summit brings fresh insights and focuses on a balanced, effective approach to business management, offering new insights that builds on any previous materials you may have from us.

How fast can I expect to see results from the summit's strategies?

Results can vary based on how quickly and effectively you implement the strategies. Many attendees begin to see positive changes in their approach and mindset soon after applying the insights.

I’m in a specific niche. Is this summit still applicable to me?

Absolutely. The principles and strategies discussed are versatile and can be adapted to various business models.

Do I need any extra tools or software for the strategies in the summit to work?

No additional tools are necessary. The strategies discussed can be implemented with your current resources.

Will you be releasing more content like this in the future?

We continually strive to provide valuable content to our audience. Stay tuned for future updates and offerings!

What kind of support can I get if I have questions during the summit?

While the summit is primarily a self-guided experience, many of our Experts can be found inside our Facebook community specifically for online Entrepreneurs

Is there a community with this summit?

While the summit itself doesn’t include a community specifically for the participants, many of our Experts can be found inside our Facebook community specifically for online Entrepreneurs

I don’t have a business yet. Is this summit still useful for me?

Yes, the summit can provide foundational knowledge and insights that are beneficial when starting your business.

Do I need a special program to access the summit interviews?

No special program is needed; the materials can be accessed through standard web browsers and audio players.

How long do I have access to the summit content?

You will have access to the interviews for the 24 hours after they are released, with lifetime access available if you opt for the VIP upgrade

Can I share this summit with a friend?

While we encourage individual registrations to maintain the integrity of the event, feel free to invite friends to register as well.

Can I apply the strategies from the summit to different types of businesses?

Absolutely. The principles and strategies discussed are versatile and can be adapted to various business models.

I’ve studied business strategies before. Is this the same thing?

While some fundamental concepts may be familiar, the summit provides unique insights and a fresh perspective on the state of online business today.

Is everything available immediately at the summit?

The interviews are released on a schedule, with 2 new interviews released each day.

What if the summit is not what I expect?

We value your feedback. While we can't offer refunds for a free event, we welcome your thoughts to improve future offerings.

Is there a guarantee?

As a free event, we commit to delivering high-quality content and value.

Can the summit be accessed without the Internet?

Internet access is required to participate in the summit and access its content.

Get back to basics and build business that not only thrives financially but also brings you joy and satisfaction.

The time to act is now – because your most fulfilling entrepreneurial journey awaits.

Join us at the Simplified Business Summit.

Expert-Led Audio Sessions on Key Business Topics

Exclusive Interviews & Deep Dives into Success Stories

Downloadable Resources for Implementation

Lifetime Access to Recordings with VIP Upgrade

A Complete Package for Business Transformation

Regular Price:  Free to Attend

(Optional VIP Upgrade Available)